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Wenvoe (Welsh: Gwenfô) is a Welsh village in the Vale of Glamorgan located on the western side of a shallow valley between Cardiff and Barry, surrounded by woods and farmland.

The Community of Wenvoe encompasses the communities of Dyffryn, St Lythans, Twyn-yr-Odyn and Brooklands Terrace/Parc y Gwenfô. The Community consists of around 800 properties, 500 being located in the village.

Wenvoe is a popular commuter village conveniently situated for the City of Cardiff but set in the countryside only a few miles from the sea and with easy access to the M4 motorway a few miles away. 

The village developed around the parish church, which can be traced back to the 12th Century with the adjacent locality now being a conservation area. The village has a well-stocked store with a post office, a church, primary school, a public house and travel lodge, a part time library and three halls. There is also a public house in the adjoining hamlet of Twyn-yr-Odyn, and another church at St Lythans. 

Wenvoe has a very healthy community spirit which supports many local community groups with activities to meet everybody's needs. Amongst these are Wenvoe Scout Group, Youth Club, the Village Quaffers, Ladies Choir, Rotary, W.I., Whist Drives, the Church and many social events. It also boasts its own monthly newspaper titled the 'Wenvoe What's On'.
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HELD ON 19th June 2014


Wenvoe Community Centre


PRESENT: Cllrs, J.Bird (Chairman), C. Frost (Vice Chair), T.Case, N. Harmer, E. Jervis, V. Jervis, I. Moody, L. Owen.



81/14            APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.

Cllrs, A. Smith, J.Smith, C. Thomas.






83/14            APPROVAL OF MINUTES.
That the minutes of the Council meeting 15.05.14 be approved.


84/14            POLICE MATTERS

The Chairman welcomed PCSO Owen Grandon, and Ms Denny White, Senior Enforcement Officer, Vale Council Visible Services to the meeting.


Both spoke regarding illegal fly tipping and other anti social behaviour in the area of Caerau Lane and the intentions of the Vale Council to combat this activity through restricting usage of the roads in question.


PCSO Grandon also spoke on other issues eg parking, thefts and fly tipping that had taken place recently.


Resolved: That PCSO Grandon and Ms White be thanked for their attendance and their reports be noted.


85/14            PLANNING MATTERS

(a)  Minutes of the Planning Committee 21st May 2014


Resolved: Approved.



(b)  New Planning Applications referred for consultation:

(i) 2014/00624/FUL - Marsyd, St. Lythans - Retention of manage and perimeter fencing.

Recommend: Support, but subject to their being absolutely no lighting and approved conditions as to surface finish being complied with.


(ii) 2014/00620/FUL - Land adjacent Old Port Road, Wenvoe - Retention of rear storage area and extension to form 2 no. new stables.

Recommend: Support, but subject to proposed buildings having a similar finish to that of the existing buildings and concerns regarding highways drainage to fields being addressed.


(iii) 2014/00586/FUL - Wenvoe Service Station and West Cross, Port Road, Wenvoe - Erection of 3 no. 2 bed dormer bungalows on site currently used for repair of motor vehicles and residential land.

 Recommend: Support in principle, but concerns regarding the design of intended properties should be more akin to existing neighbouring properties particularly in relation to their aspect from the Port Rd.   


(iv) 2014/00580/FUL -  Yr Ysbubor, St. Lythans - Amendments to previous consent 2013/00272/FUL - Extension to utility area to rear of garage and alterations to existing dwelling and proposed link.

Recommend: Support, but subject to concerns regarding windows overlooking neighbouring properties being addressed.


(v) 2014/00564/FUL - Four Winds, St. Lythans Road, St. Lythans – Utility room extension to rear.

Recommend: No objection.


(vi) 2014/00561/FUL - 24, Rectory Close, Wenvoe - Two storey side extension.

Recommend: Support.


(vii) 2014/00528/FUL - The Greave, Port Road, Wenvoe - Replacement of windows with windows and doors including Juliet balconies and the construction of new porch and balcony to an existing residential property.

Recommend: Support.


(viii) 2014/00527/FUL -  Canoldir, Dyffryn - Removal and replacement of existing UPVC windows and doors with double glazed HW units; removal of existing concrete roof tiles and replacement with slate tiles; form new main entrance on West Elevation and provide new flat roof (zinc/lead) with skylight; formation of new windows at first floor; proposed double garage.

Recommend: Support.


(ix) 2014/00508/FUL - Style Garden Centre, Port Road, Wenvoe  - Erect temporary 10 year conservatory/veranda/orangery style show site  conservatories to garden centre.

Recommend: Support, subject to applicants compliance with advertising regulations particularly regarding that adjacent to the Port Rd.


(x) 2014/00499/SC1 - Welsh Government - A4226 Five Mile Lane, between Sycamore Cross and to the north of Weycock Cross, Barry - . Proposed Highway improvements -  Environmental Impact Assessment (Screening) Required 05.06.14.

Recommend: Noted.


(xi) 2014/00658/FUL - Seaview Cottages, Twyn Yr Odyn – Kitchen extension single storey

Recommend: Support


(xii) 2014/00590/FUL - Land adjacent to 41, Old Port Road, Wenvoe - Construction of detached two bed bungalow with on-site parking.

Recommend: Support.


(xiii) 2014/00706/ADV - Land off Port Road, Wenvoe -Erection of two advertising signs at land off Port Road Wenvoe.

Recommend: Support, but 1 no. sign not 2 no. , also size of signs is considered excessive.


(xiv) 2014/00560/FUL Church Rise, Wenvoe – Demolish existing potting sheds and replace with 2 bedroom dwelling.

Recommend:Not supported as considered overdevelopment of

available site, lack of amenity area, and intended properties design

 being out of context / character with existing neighbouring authorities.   


Resolved: Recommendations as above be forwarded to the Planning authority.



(c) Planning updates, previously reported applications:


(i) 2013/00857/FUL/ - Land adjacent to Hawthorne Cottage, Twyn- Yr- Odyn.

The use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes for 1no.Gypsy Pitch together with the formation of additional hard standing and utility / dayroom ancillary to that use – Appeal to be heard 26.06.14.   


(ii) 2014/00573/PNA - Cwm Derwen, Weycock Road, Barry - Extension to existing barn – Approved 06.06.14 .


Resolved: Noted.  


(c)  Other Planning matters:


(i)    Blue Pool Field, Twyn-yr-Odyn.


Resolved:  (i) Attention of Planning authority be drawn to changes in access from Chapel Lane.

(ii) Highways authority  be requested to reinstate Chapel

                      Lane street name sign.


86/14            COUNCIL’S FINAL ACCOUNTS 2013/14


Resolved: Approved.




                    Resolved: To be reported to next meeting.




Resolved: That the sum of £4,000 be provided for upgrading IT, furniture, premises adaptations and redecoration.




(a)  Chairman


(i)    Mr Mike Harvey – Council recognised the assistance rendered to it

by Mr Harvey in recent months.


Resolved: That the Clerk write to Mr Harvey expressing its sincere appreciation and thanks. 


(b)  Clerk


(i) The Grange Children’s Playground / Twyn – yr- Odyn -  Creative Rural Communities notification of grant approval


Resolved: Contractors to be instructed


(ii) Orchid Field Twyn – yr- Odyn footpath – Contractual issues resolved, works expected to commence shortly.


Resolved: Noted.



(c)  Members


(i)  Community Centre existing female “Disabled” toilet (Cllr Moody)


Resolved: That both the toilets be designated for unisex use. 


(ii)  Community Centre storage buildings (Cllr Moody)


Resolved: That scrap materials / equipment be removed, Cllr Lou Owen to affect.


(iii) Hill Tce. and bend by HTV studios highways “white” lines maintenance, Brooklands Tce. roundabout vegetation, Hill Tce. and also at the St. Lythans sign entering St. Lythans from Twn-yr-Odyn Japanese Knotweed. (Cllr Harmer)


(iv) Old Port Rd., section from opposite Old Rectory to opposite Wenvoe Arms PH. highways drains. (Cllr Frost)


Resolved: That the highways authority be requested to carry out necessary maintenance work.


(iv) Allotment wall reinstatement works in progress, Best Kept Village Competition preliminary judging to take place during week ending 30.06.14. (Cllr Case)


Resolved: Noted.


(v)  Footpath FP27 Twyn-yr-Odyn to the Downs.(Cllr Harmer)


Resolved: That Public Rights of Way at Vale Council be requested to carry out necessary maintenance works.


(vi) Signs of possible vermin in the hall cupboard.

Resolved: To be monitored

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